Star Name: Liz White

Coordinates: RA: 8.492' D: -1.45'

"The most thoughtful gift I've ever received!"

Star Name: Susan Jones

Coordinates: RA: 5.365' D: -1.99'

"When darkness falls I look at the sky and say 'Good Evening Starshine'"

Star Register

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Official Star Registry: Name a Star and receive a Free Photo Book and Celestia software pack

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Personalized & elegant certificate. Star Map detailing exact coordinates of the Star and a Photo Book and Celestia software detailing of the most beautiful images of Space.

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No extra charges! All Stars are extra bright and visible constellation stars

Star Name: Bernard 'lighting' Williams

Coordinates: RA:3.453' D: -3.54'

"I look at my star every single night"

What you get:

Deluxe Star Kit
  1. $34.99
  2. 1x Star Name
  3. 1x PDF Certificate
  4. 1x PDF Star Chart
  5. 1x Photo eBook

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