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Most Recent Named Stars
Star ID
Star name
Right ascension
HD 209996
Billie B
22h 07m 24.91s
-04° 05' 27.4"
TYC 7539-581-1
Samim Manizade
00h 54m 58.80s
-43° 02' 35.4"
TYC 1771-691-1
Kara Mel & Reia
02h 36m 01.57s
25° 35' 18.6"
HD 11918
Jason DeForge
01h 59m 05.91s
61° 32' 30.9"
HD 11918
Jason DeForge
01h 59m 05.91s
61° 32' 30.9"
HD 79213
09h 13m 37.48s
25° 26' 01.1"
TYC 6188-109-1
Alen Somers
15h 34m 56.58s
-18° 43' 52.3"
HD 138971
Chance Wells
15h 36m 00.63s
-18° 59' 09.5"

Give someone a truly magical gift and name a Star after them. The majority of stars in our sky remain nameless.

This gift kit will contain details of the new star and it’s new name.

Note: for information on stars Registered before Jan 2015 please reach out to orders@starregister.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really name a star?

Yes, you can! Each order is unique to the Star Register and is recorded in the official Official register of Stars. We are one of the few legitimate Registries using advanced mapping software to assign your order.

What happens when I place my order:

Place your order on our order page and one of our experienced employees will handle everything else for you, this includes:
-Preparing relevant paperwork and electronic transmission of all necessary data to the Star register Database.
-Receipt of the response with the unique coordinates of your star
-Preparation of the star chart with the coordinates
-Preparation of the certificate and the gift Kit.

What's the difference between your different products:

We currently offer three products: (1) Deluxe (2) Supernova and (3) Twin. Each of this has it's own benefits and they can be compared on our homepage comparison chart.

How does the star chart work?

You can use the coordinates listed on your star chart to locate the star in the night sky or by searching our Official register of Stars which shows you a real photo of the star in the night sky.

Can I choose the constellation myself?

Yes, this is possible on the order form.

I can't open my order:

As our orders are digitally delivered, you can either open the kit in your browser or through Adobe Reader.

Is my order unique?

Yes. Every star coordinate is only allocated once, to a unique registration.

Where is my gift pack?

If you haven’t received the digital star pack by email within 24 hours please contact orders@starregister.org

How long is the delivery time?

We deliver by PDF within 24 hours via email. If you have not received your certificate within that time, please email orders@starregister.org

Is the star visible?

Yes, the easiest way to find the star is through the Official register of Stars. By entering the name it is easy to view the star in the night sky. However, it is also possible to find the location of the star using a telescope.

I am looking for general information about the product (cost, shipping method, payment method).

Please see our gift kit page.

I can’t manage to place an order (technical problem)!

Please send an email to orders@starregister.org

Can i have the details of my certificate changed?

Once we send the gift kit pack we aren't able to change it.