What do you get in the Gift Kit?

Gold Embossed, Personalized Certification and detailed Star Chart/Photo + 6 Piece Gift Kit

  • Registered Star

  • Certificate of Registration

  • Star Chart & Photo of Star

  • Space Photobook

  • Space Atlas

  • Celestia Software

  • NFT Crypto Token

  • Star Register Mobile App

  • $100 Voucher

  • 1x Named Deluxe Star, permanently filed in the official register of star names. These are bright constellation stars visible from major cities.

  • Receive your official Certificate of Registration detailing the ownership details, including the star name, date and a personal message of your choice.

  • Also included is a star chart which is an actual photo of your star from the Hubble Space Telescope. This also details the coordinates of the star, making it easily findable in the night sky!

  • A 50 page photo book illustrated with the most stunning photos of galaxies, planets and stars.

  • An atlas mapping the details of space. A fantastic educational tool.

  • Included is 'Celestia'. This Software for PC or MAC gives you the ability to explore the expanses of space and locate your star.

  • That's right! With each order, we will now include for you an NFT token recording your star in Space. This will be issued via OpenSea.

  • Receive the Star Register iOS and Android App to search the official public record for your star (and everybody elses!!)

  • Receive a voucher for an acre of both moon and star land. The retail value of these two items is $100.

Remember a moment

We believe all gifts should be unique. Each gift print is personalized by you with a name, date and message.

Designed and handmade in the USA

We take pride in quality. All our materials are sourced and all our production happens here in the USA. We use museum grade paper and print with ink that withstands the test of time.

The experience doesn't stop there

Included in each gift set alongside the certificate, is a four piece gift pack. Not only will your gift be remembered for the printed certificate, but for the whole experience.

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