how to buy a star name

Naming a star doesn’t have to be hard. We explain it in 6 simple steps

By Jake Riley, SR Senior Editor

Naming a star is not difficult. Many believe you need to contact NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to name a star. However, in reality, they have nothing to do with star names. The only scientific organization that names stars are the IAU (International Astronomical Union). As a private citizen, scientifically naming or owning a star is not possible. However, you can name stars through the Star Register unscientifically as a special gift. Take a look at our how-to guide to learn how to buy a star name using the Star Register!

1. Pick a Star Gift Package

Compare the different gift packages on the Star Register to find the package that best fits your budget and needs. We have a wide variety of packages for every size of budget. It’s up to you to choose which gift package you prefer.

2. Pick out the Star you Desire

What stars are visible in your location? Or are you searching for a star that corresponds to the location of a special day and night? Our website can help you locate stars that can be seen from your location and can even correspond to a specific time or date.

Choose a date that is special to you that can truly make the star specific and personal.

Keep in mind where on Earth you can see the star! After all, not all stars are visible in the same hemisphere and some stars are only visible for part of the year. Keep this in mind when you choose your star.

Keep in mind what the star’s brightness is. The larger the MAG (Magnitude) the brighter the star and the more likely you are to be able to easily see the star without obstacles.

There are more than 88 constellations in the sky. Identifying a constellation may help you to be able to locate your star. Research these constellations if you would like your star to be grouped in one of them for easier viewing.

3. Name the star

Use our order form to confirm the name of your star. You can name it anything you want as long as the name is limited to under 20 characters. If you accidentally make a typo, you can change the name before the star package is sent to you.

Are you struggling for a name? Here are some suggestions

Name a star after your partner, family, or friends.
Name a star to honor someone who has passed.
Name the star after yourself.
Name the star after a pet.
Name the star after your favorite TV, movie, or book character.
Name a star after an event that is special to you.

4. Choose a Star Date

This is the date that you would like to connect to your star’s story. Some people just choose the present day, but if you’re looking for some unique ideas try some of the following:

Choose a birthday
Choose an engagement day
Choose a holiday
Choose a wedding day.
Choose a birth or passing.
Choose a day in the future when you want to have your dreams come true!

5. Personalize your star gift

Take a look at our personalized gift sets. Choose a package that contains the personalized aspects that you are looking for. A photograph, a map of the universe, a certificate of the star’s name, etc. You can further personalize the gift on your own by using the photograph or coordinates of your star to incorporate on personalized items such as:

Tote bags
Invitation or Holiday cards

The only limit to personalization is your imagination and creativity!

Besides personalizing the gift itself, consider giving the gift on a special occasion to add importance and significance to the gesture. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, Christmas, Mother/Fathers Day, Valentines’ Days, and Engagements are just some of the many options you can celebrate with your star gift.

6. Receive and locate your star

Once you have registered your star’s information and paid online, your star certificate, as well as any other accompanying parts of your gift set, will be sent to the address you provide. Using your star’s coordinates, you can locate your star in the night sky

If using an app, you can enter the coordinates into the application or your ORS Code, to find your star on the map. Online you can find your personalized Star Page, where your star is visualized with Google Sky

A gift of a star is a gift to remember. Highly flexible, you can create new gifts in the future once you have purchased your star’s name. Naming a star after someone is the best way to celebrate a special occasion and make a person feel appreciated. Take a look at our star packages to find the best gift set for your loved one today!