Truly Unique Sympathy Gifts: For the loss of a mother

By Jake Riley, SR Senior Editor

Impact of losing a family member

Losing one's mother is one of the most impactful life events that a person can go through. The first voice ever heard, the first embrace ever enjoyed--these memories are cherished even more with the loss of the person who demonstrated what unconditional love really means.

Whether you are going through a loss yourself or you have close friends and family members around you who are going through their grieving process, simply being there to comfort and provide support is welcome. To show appreciation and commemorate a loved one's memory is also something that will be appreciated as time goes by.

Show your support by giving a truly unique and special sympathy gift that shows you care. These special offerings are some of the best ways to spread the love that truly lasts forever.

Customized Tumbler

A daily reminder of a loved one can be comforting and therapeutic on days when it's difficult to move beyond grief. A personalized, engraved drink tumbler is the perfect gift for someone who needs that daily affirmation. High-quality, double-walled, and vacuum-sealed varieties ensure that beverages remain ice cold or piping hot, depending on your preference. Available in a variety of colors and styles, this will fast become a go-to container for daily use and a daily dose of love from dear Mother.

Personalized Garden Stone

A personalized garden stone is the perfect accompaniment for those quiet, outdoor spaces where time is spent contemplating life's changes. Long-wearing, durable concrete is weatherproof, lasting through several seasonal changes while retaining the perfect inscription to remember Mom. Personalization options include 3 lines with up to 18 characters per line. Memorialize Mom and place her memory in spaces that she loved most, taking comfort in the fact that you can take a daily walk with her beside you.

Handwritten, Engraved Bracelet

Imagine a daily reminder of Mom's love, right on your hand. Just imagine the joy you'll feel as you recognize her handwriting, her personalized message to you on a piece of jewelry you can wear daily. Simply upload a signature or phrase that Mom often used, and Caitlin Minimalist jewelers will encrypt it on a bracelet with your choice of color finish. See her words of encouragement every time you look down, and know that she is with you always.

Name A Star After Her

Every person has a soul that is eternal; as Mom passes on, she is living among the stars. Naming a star after her is a beautiful way to memorialize her and provide lasting memories for you and your family members.

Brightly sparkling stars make perfect sympathy gifts for those that want their loved one's memory to be cherished forever.

Name a Star

We, at Star Register, ensure that your personalized star is visible in the United States. Mom's memorial star is registered in an official database of star names, and the recipients receive a star map, personalized certificate of authenticity, and a six piece gift set guaranteed to make the star experience special and memorable.

This thoughtful, heartfelt presentation of a loved one's memory will be cherished as her memory is contemplated while your star shines brightly in honor of someone who was loved so much. Naming a star after a loved one is one of the most truly unique gifts that can be given to provide comfort and consolation to loved ones.

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Memory Journal

Getting swept up in end-of-life activities can be quite overwhelming as one prepares for loss and burial of a loved one. Losing a parent is even more significant, as this signifies the end of one of the most significant relationships in a person's life.

Help your loved one or friend turn their focus away from stressful decisions for the moment and relive happier memories spent with Mom through the thoughtful presentation of a memory journal.

Friends and family members can write about light, happy, precious times with Mom and you can all enjoy reliving these times and lift up her memory with love and laughter.

Cardinal Wind Chimes

Have you heard the expression, "cardinals appear when loved ones are near"? It is said that a cardinal is a representation of loved ones present around you. What better way to mark Mom's presence in and around your home than with the presence of a beautiful cardinal windchime? Hearing melodious notes wafting across the wind is a great source of comfort to those who need a gentle reminder that Mom is present and nearby.

Memorial Pie Pan

Carry on those traditions of house and home with a beautiful ceramic pie plate, complete with a handwritten recipe crafted by Mother herself. She cooked, she baked, and she can mentor you in the kitchen even now with this thoughtful gift. Choose your favorite recipe card, scan it in, and a certified ceramic artist replicates the beautiful details inside the tin. Every time you pull it out of the cupboard, you'll remember all of those sweet and savory memories that you had with Mom in the kitchen.

Personalized Gift Basket

During times of bereavement, it can be difficult to remember to commit take care of yourself. Even tasks such as eating and managing self care are forgotten in the midst of details that must be attended to after a loved one dies. Crafting a personalized basket with gourmet food and snacks, simplemeals, and favorite creature comforts mean much in a time of need. Another perfect option for a basket is self-care items such as bath salts, lotions, and candles that can reduce stress and serve as a gentle reminder that self-care is important at this time.

This Too Shall Pass

Loss of a parent is a difficult time in life. Loss of a mother, in particular, is a life-changing event. Showing that you care with a thoughtful yet practical gift can provide a great deal of comfort in times of need. Shower your loved one or friend with those gifts that mean much and provide support as they transition to a new way of life with lasting and loving memories that they can cherish for years.